About Us

We are the best interior wall designers.

BELKA is marketed and distributed by CECMOC INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS LTD. registered in Nigeria with the CAC  as the sole distributor of BELKA in Nigeria, West Africa with the trademark “BELKA NIGERIA”.

We are a trusted brand in enhancing the living standard of homes by bringing nature based product BELKA to promote a healthy and clean environment. 

We are committed to what we are doing with BELKA and hoping to see our product not just being used but solving the problems of interior decoration faced by many painters and home owners.

Why Choose Us

With years of experience and research in what’s best for a modern home and office décor, we are very intentional with our customers creative needs.

We are not only bringing you comfort, but massive creative designs that will amazed you with our product BELKA.

We listen to our customers, this because we believed in shared ideas as we walk through the entire process with our customer’s interest at heart.

You are welcome to have one-on-one discussion with us in our office.



Mission Statement

We exist to create comfort and add colours to our clients homes and offices which will inturn improve the wellbeing of clients. We are honored by the trust clients impart to us to select the BELKA to not just add beauty to their walls but protect them cracks.

Vision Statement

We aspire to convey the sense of passion we feel about our product, craft and our clients through our work each day. Our aim is to inspire generations of clients through our designs and the mazing effect of love and comfort our product brings.

Our Core Values

  • Customer-centered
  • Professionalism
  • Team Work
  • Honesty

How we work

We have dedicated applicators to handle your interior coating projects when you purchase BELKA. We also carry out research on give guides regarding the surface intended to be applied.

Now that you've learned about us and BELKA, lets start talking about your project and interest.